Foundations of Technology

Welcome to Foundations of Technology. Students will finish the foundations in January. Second semester will consist of computer programming and engineering design on the computer.  We will be using ProDesktop 3rd quarter and either JavaScript or Python 4th quarter. Links are provided if students want to download the software and practice at home.

Students will create a WordPress Site in order to share and profile projects done in class. This WordPress Site will be used as evidence of projects done and work completed in grades 9 and 10 of the Science and Technology Program. Site creation due 1/28 for all students.

Programming Concepts During 4th Quarter

  • Statements
  • Comments
  • Variables
  • Operators
  • Comparisons
  • Selections
  • Decisions
  • If
  • If… Else
  • Flow of Control
  • While loops
  • Do While loops
  • For loops
  • Functions

If time allows, there will be additional concepts taught. Reminder, all students must post their e-tickets weekly. Check Schoolmax for the date ranges. Academic dishonesty will result in grades of zero.

Download Prodesktop Modules here

Module 1 – Lego Block Introduction to Extrusion Past Due
Module 2 – Making a Pyramid Extrusions and Chamfering Past Due
Module 3 – Holey Cubits Basic Extrusion and Projection Past Due
Module 4 – Sweeping Along a Sketch Path Past Due
Module 5 – Sweeping along a helix Past Due
Module 6 – Revolution Creating Revolved Solids Past Due
Module 7 – Kitchen Timer Introduction to Assembly Past Due
Module 8 – Checkers Board 2/28/12
Module 9 – Light Bulb Assembling Solids 3/5/12
Module 10 – Hershey’s Bar 3/9/12
Module 11 – Making a Bagel Using Loft and Assembly Commands 3/13/12
Module 12 – Sofa Deforming and Mirroring Solids 3/15/12
Module 13 – Assembling an Articulated Robot 3/21/12
Module 14 – Lego Assembly  3/21/12
Module 15 – compass_tutorial – Compass given by Ms. White  3/27/12 (NO EXCEPTIONS!)

Students of Ms. Fitzpatrick will be given due dates in class.

Download ProDesktop here  | Download Python here | Download BloodShed here

CREO Elements Updates ProDesktop
Download here if you have Windows 7

Visit a Python tutorial here

From APA’s website:Designed to provide fingertip guidance in APA style for a single user installation, APA-Style Helper 5.1 gives clear and straightforward help on how to format references, headings, and more. Click the image for more information.If you have MS Word 2007, you do NOT need the style helper.

All writing assignments must include 1″ margins, .5″ left gutter, APA Cover Page, Binding
Bindings must have black backing and clear cover.

APA Citation Examples | Rubric for Research Papers | Generic Rubric for Writing Assignments
Rubric for Written Evidence of Major Projects | Rubric for Presentations | APA Cover Page

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