FOT 3B Homework due May 15, 2012

11 May

Create a Python program copying a paste from your previous homework. The previous program required you to create a program with functions to use parameter variables to display the student full name and school address.


The new program will use the same code.  In addition to the above, students will create 3 additional functions. Use the following guidelines:

1) Provide a function that will print a single line of output. The statement should read “My parents will need to sign this.”

2) Provide a function that will have two local variables (notesposts, programposts) and print two lines of output. The output should include “I have ##### posts for notes. I have ##### posts for programs.” ##### should be the actual variable.

3) Provide a function that will have a parameter variable for parentname and print several lines. Refer to the sample output below to get the text required for this function. Remember to supply the actual parameter for the parentname. Remember to provide the signature line. Email me if there are any questions.

4) Save your program as a post using python programs as the category. Print the program with the output and have your parents sign. Bring in copy of your program. You should have this as you walk into the classroom on time.


An example of output would be:

Joyce Jones

10001 Ardwick Ardmore Road

Springdale, MD 20774


My parents will need to sign this.

I have 8 posts for notes.

I have 8 posts for programs.

My parent, Jennifer Jones, has viewed all of notes and programs.

My parent’s signature is below.




Jennifer Jones

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