Solar City

As we progress into an energy efficient future, we find more and more ways to incorporate renewable energy sources into our communities. In fact, we’ve already started. Once in awhile you may see select homes with solar panels, speed cameras and other government property now harnessing solar energy to maintain operation. Select members from S.O.A.R will construct a small scale community that will utilize real solar cells to power lighting and other power consuming devices within their community.

Project requirements:

  • The miniature community will be laid on a 4′ by 4′ foundation of either wood or cardboard with 1′ by 2′ of the board dedicated to a “Solar Farm”.
  • The community will have all of the same elements of a real life one such as trees, grass,roads, fences, streetlights, homes, stores, and commercial and public buildings.
  • Each home and building must have at least 1 solar cell attached to its roof and have lights within their interiors.
  • Very neat a professional artwork and craftsmanship
  • Streetlights and working traffic signals.

Students are to break into a team of no less than 7 with the following job roles

Project Manager: Organizes team, meeting dates, progression, and team success in project.

City planner: Designs the layout of the board including roads, traffic signals, signs, etc

Civil Engineer: Assists city planner in board layout as well as structural stability of everything placed on the board.

Electrical Engineer: Decides how and where the energy from the sun will be distributed throughout the board.

Architect: Designs the exterior of every house and building. Responsible for developing CAD for entire board.

Interior designer: Works with the architect and designs the  interior of every building.

Landscape designer: Works with city planner and civil engineer in the way organization of foliage, and terrain.

Students have all year to complete the project and must be ready for presentation during the  engineering fair.
The community will be tested for success by placing the board outside in full visibility of the sun and all lights should work.



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