From the start of December to the end of the 2011 year

Throughout December the students made a lot of progress in multiple project. The large frame on the go-kart that we deemed as excess metal was finally removed. The solar city project has a final design and await materials for construction. The FRC team is trained and ready for the whatever the challenge. Check out the photo gallery.


New design!!

Way to go Markus


Week of 11-21-2011 through 11-25-2011

Our members turned in safety contracts and received word from our treasurer about the $15 dues we are implementing.
Our FRC programmers began setting up driver station and Labview software.
Eco-Kart began cutting excess metal off the current go-kart frame.


A new rendering of the go-kart has been drafted with better representation of the dimensions they are working with.


Week of 11-14-2011 through 11-16-2011

Members received a safety briefing meeting on Monday to raise awareness on the importance of safety around tools and dangerous equipment. Students watched a 15 minute video describing various tools , equipment and safety procedures. On the Wednesday of this week, students received forms to fill out with their parents for our records.
The Solar City project members received their foundation board and has begun planning their project.

Lastly, Mechanical Lead: Markus Proctor designed a rough prototype of the exterior for the eco-kart.

Stay Posted!



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