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Is their a fee for joining S.O.A.R? (Updated)

– Yes there are now membership dues for being a member of S.O.A.R which is a one time payment of $15. Previously the answer to this question was no but now there is a need for “beginning capital” for fundraisers. Collected funds and earned revenue will be used to purchase tools and building materials for projects.

Is S.O.A.R only for students who attend flowers highschool?

– Yes, as of right now S.O.A.R is flowers and science and tech exclusive. Only students enrolled in the science and tech program can join since we have limited space.

Is S.O.A.R only for the engineering and computer science tracks?

– No, we highly encourage all tracks to participate in S.O.A.R. It has been proven that some tech savy students are on the biology track.

If I play a sport or actively participate in some other extracurricular activity but would really love to participate, can I still maintain membership?

– Yes, some of our members are expected to be involved in more than club or activity, however, we do expect you to attend whenever you can and be an active member in and outside the meetings.


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