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Students Of Applied Robotics (S.O.A.R) is a club founded within Charles Herbert Flowers Highs chool that promotes student involvement in advanced projects in the field of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

S.O.A.R  has 3 main objectives

  • Tackle a Problem decreasing interest for Engineering and Computer Science tracks in the Science & Technology Program.

………………………..– Rumor Mill: “These tracks are too hard”, “Biology is the easiest track”, “You’re going to fail”
………………………..– Lack of Exposure: Most students are not exposed to the fun side of engineering
………………………….and computer science before entering high school. Some are undecided and are
………………………….keeping there options open by getting involved in many clubs and activities.

  • Give students hands on experience to build competitive resumes for Internships, Scholarships and have an edge up during the college admittance process.
  • Allow students to have fun, win awards, become recognized and put the knowledge they gain through the Science and Technology Program (STP) to actual use

S.O.A.R offers some of the most advanced and creativity demanding projects high school students can complete. These projects have been either completed traditionally by STP students or drafted from scratch.

S.O.A.R will be actively hosting after school workshop sessions that will train and educate students mechanical, electrical and software skills needed to get started designing, building and testing as soon as possible.

(Mechanical Mondays) Mechanical workshop sessions include teaching students how to

1. Understand internal and external forces that make machines move and slow them down.

2. Learn how to design parts and assemblies with efficiency. (in progress)

3. Learn different components that go within assemblies, their purpose and how to apply them

4. Safety, fabrication methods, techniques, power tools and costs. (completed)

(Wired Wednesdays) Electrical workshop sessions include teaching students how to

1. Understand electricity, its uses, disadvantages, and how to be safe around it. (completed)

2. Disassemble existing components and understanding the parts (completed)

3. Create wiring diagrams and research (in progress)

4. Electromotive parts and how to use them for different applications

Computer programming workshops

1. Understand basic coding for robotic operations (in progress)

2. Read, alter and write new codes from scratch.

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Member Information

The information presented below is vital for existing and interested members:   The very first meeting of the year is scheduled for Monday, September 19, 2011 in Ms. White’s room. Meetings are held twice a week, every Monday and Wednesday from 2:35 PM to 3:50 PM in Ms. White’s room (room number 408). Workshop sessions …

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The Team

Enter testimonials, short biographys and info on officers Club officers President: Markus Proctor Vice President: Kilah Weaver Treasurer: Shalisa Thompson Secretary: Alecia Gibbs    

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